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20 Homemade Gifts for your Husband’s Birthday

If you are blessed with a loving husband that adores you constantly, it is just right to think about a great gift that you can give him for his birthday. Surely, there are lots of gifts that you can easily buy in the market but it would be more memorable if you can make a homemade gift for him. A verjaardagscadeau jongen should always be special. Well, all gifts should be!

Being a husband can sometimes be difficult because they have a great responsibility to provide and take care of the family. They are the one that gives the family the leadership that it needs. That is the reason why they deserve a great gift.

Listed are 20 gift ideas for a loving and hard-working husband:

  1. Paracord survival bracelets

If your husband loves adventure, this is a perfect gift for him. There are lots of tutorial videos available in the internet for you to learn how to do the bracelets. You just need to buy paracords and tools for you to use.

  1. Crochet body warmer

You can learn new things to make a personalized gift for your husband. If you already know how to do crochets, this will be easy for you. Make a body warmer for him to keep him warm during the cold seasons.

  1. Knitted sweater

Just like crochet, you can learn this on your own with a lot of tutorials in the internet. If you are already knitting, good for you! This will be much better than the body warmer but it’s better to give him choices. It’s also your choice if you want to do the warmer of sweater.

  1. Recycled belt leather bracelets

If your husband is into punk rock. These bracelets will suit him. You can just get a used leather belt that he’s not using anymore. You can find instructions on how to do different styles of leather bracelets online. Google will be a lot useful!

  1. Beer bottle holder

You can make beer bottle holders with recycled items that you can find just inside your house. This is another way to save money, not to mention you will give your efforts in doing it. Your husband will appreciate this more that the items that you can buy at the mall.

  1. Homemade soap

This is made of natural ingredients that your husband can use during shower. Keeping him refreshed and smelling good all throughout the day.

  1. Bottlecap keychain

If you know the favorite beer of your husband, you can just get a bottlecap of it and make a keychain out of it. This is a gift that he can carry anywhere he wants. He can put this together with his car keys or house keys. Looks so manly!

  1. Brim Hat

You should try doing this hat even if you are not an advanced crocheter. Your husband will love this because you have put all your efforts in making this great gift for him. He will even look more handsome with this.

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