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The Facts about Quick Weight Loss: How Effective Is It?

Weight gain is like any other bad habit. It builds slowly over time until one day we get a wake-up call and think, “this has to go – NOW!” Quick weight loss is almost universally desired by those looking to lose weight. Never mind that experience and research has shown it to result in only temporary weight loss. The appeal is that somewhere out there is a magic pill that takes it away quickly and keeps it off for good.

If you’re in search of that magic bullet, I’m afraid to tell you it doesn’t exist. No acai berry pill or dangerous mix of chemicals will do this. No extreme calorie reduction diet or countless bowls of cabbage soup will do this either. But take heart. You don’t need – or want – a radical, quick weight loss diet to get you to your weight goal faster. We’ll tell you how to speed up the process and do it so your weight not only comes off but stays off permanently. In other words, we’ll show you effective weight loss.

Feed your metabolism the right foods

Okay, your metabolism doesn’t actually eat food. But it does react to how and what you eat. For instance, are you eating too few calories? You read that right. If you’ve dieted before and prescribed to the common belief that starving yourself is the ideal way to lose weight, then you may either be doing this now or tempted to do it in the future. ‘Yo-yo dieting’ – where you dramatically reduce your food consumption, give up, go back to heavy food consumption and then start all over again – can slow down your metabolism by as much as 30%. To get your metabolism back to working normally again, you need to eat enough calories to fuel your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

BMR calculators tell you how many calories you need to get through a day. It will be different for each person. For instance, if you exercise (and you are exercising to lose weight, right?) or have a very physical job, you will need more calories per day. You can use the BMR calculator on our site by clicking this link.

One of the best quick weight loss tips we can give you on this site is to start eating natural, whole foods instead of processed foods. You want the vast majority of your calories each day to be from lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains (quinoa, millet, spelled and brown rice are preferable even to whole wheat bread and pasta). Your body is likely addicted to the sugar, fat, and sodium in most packaged foods, and this includes so-called pre-packaged ‘diet meals’. Stop eating these foods and you’ll wean yourself of that addiction. Promise.

Once you start eating the proper number of calories you might experience a little weight gain. Don’t worry though. Your body is just trying to repair itself. A few weeks or months of eating the right number of calories and you’ll train your metabolism to speed right up and those pounds will fall right away. You can easily lose a couple pounds a week by both eating a balanced, healthy diet and by exercising.

Exercise is essential

The promise of most quick weight loss diets or schemes is that little effort is needed for success – certainly not exercise! We already know why radical weight loss efforts don’t work. They aren’t permanent fixes because they only damage your metabolism and aren’t sustainable over a lifetime. Do you really want to eat only cabbage soup for the rest of your life? Or walk around starving? Hopefully, you’re sold on eating the right amounts of quality food. Now you need to tell yourself that exercise is also key to your success. Not only does exercise dramatically speed up your weight loss efforts, but it’s also essential for good health whether your skinny or fat.

Your best bet is to combine both cardio and strength training. No need to spend all day at the gym though. Experts have found that a superset round of strength-building exercises – where two or more complimentary exercises are performed one after another with little to no rest in between – can have considerable cardio value. And it dramatically reduces your work out time. Yoga is also an excellent exercise for not only strength-building but reducing stress and the fat-gaining hormones that stress releases.

Exercise improves your mood and sleep (lack of sleep is linked with weight gain) and gives you a strong, lean, well-balanced body. It also strengthens your heart and helps ward off metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes. No quick weight loss diet can offer these kinds of benefits.

Starvation is not the answer

Here it is, short and sweet. If you starve yourself you won’t be able to maintain that lifestyle and you’ll eventually revert back to old eating habits. You’ll be tired, grouchy and hungry – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also damage your metabolism considerably and likely gain back more weight than before the starvation diet.

Don’t fall prey to quick weight loss diets and schemes. Eat well, get active and drink lots of good water to stay hydrated. That’s the true formula for weight loss success!

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