Day: December 25, 2018


NEW ZEALAND – All about the beautiful country!

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful exotic countries. Its astonishing sceneries, with volcanoes, lakes, large forests and wildlife, attract each year waves of visitors. Not only tourists seem fond of New Zealand. The producers for Lord of the Rings picked New Zealand as Middle Earth. Furthermore, the country’s Maori population has inhibited the islands since 1200 AD. Their traditions, lifestyle and beliefs have survived for centuries. New Zealand earned the rank of the freest country in the world and you can clearly see that among the locals. They are non-judgmental and lack hierarchies. While the preservation of culture and community events are important, what one does as an individual counts more in their eyes. They respect others’ privacy and expect the favor to be returned. In Maori etiquette, songs play an important role, so don’t be surprised when people start singing on the streets. New Zealand is the only place where Kiwi means: firstly, a New Zealand inhabitant; secondly, the national bird; and thirdly (with a “maybe” in front) the kiwifruit. For an …