Why Didn’t Obama Visit Paris or Send Biden or Holder?

There was a massive march in Paris this past week and million attended including more than 40 world leaders. The Obama administration sent a campaign bundler, Jane Hartley, who is the U.S. ambassador to France. Eric Holder was actually in Paris at the time but did not attend. The U.S. President, Vice President, and Secretary of State did not attend.



The likely reason is because of what French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said:

  • “We are at war — not a war against a religion, not a war against a civilization, but to defend our values, which are universal,” Valls said.
  • “It’s a war against terrorism and radical Islamism, against everything that would break our solidarity, our liberty, our fraternity.”
  • “Journalists were killed because they defended freedom. Policemen were killed because they were protecting you,” he said.
  • “Jews were killed because they were Jewish.”

The Obama administration does not like to discuss things like “Islam” in any way which could be perceived as negative. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also decided to go and he is not one of the Obama administration’s favorite people. Especially since he lectured President Obama at the White House about Israel.

Having all of those people representing all of those issues which the White House seems to refuse to confront probably put them on edge.

It has been fun watching Liberals contort themselves to explain why it’s not been a big deal.

The White House has since admitted they screwed up.

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